Philosophy: Life can be easy to enjoy and thrive in (with exceptions). What gets in our way are our own mental fallacies and misjudgments, which ultimately are not aligned with our best interests. By explicitly defining a personal protocol that dictates how to operate in different aspects of life, we can minimize self-sabotage and live in a more functional and pragmatic way.

Wake Up

Physiological Reset

Physiological Reset


cold shower


fast an hour prior (still experimenting with this)

Mental Reset


breathe fresh air

sun exposure

change environment


think about how far you've come

think about how much farther there is to go

assess your day thus far


step away from the task at hand

engage in physical activity, visit nature, or anything else that does not require directed attention

remind yourself why the task is worth doing

Learn Nuanced Concepts

find and study specialized content

converse with AI


read, distill, and express related research

converse with experts

Deep Work

Deep Work

Physiological Reset (optional)

prepare the list of things to accomplish

find an environment that won't promote mental context switching

remove physical distractions and block distracting sites

Discern the World as a Complex Place

study foreign languages

study world history

study the occult

read arxiv papers

browse Google Earth


be wary of activities that solely offer short-term gratification

don't participate in activities at the expense of the future

if others are fearful, you must arrive at your own conclusions

if you must procrastinate, do so without your phone

if you break your own protocol, you're a dumbass

if your thoughts are not in your favor, take a walk

a day's fulfillment can be loosely correlated with how many times you overcame internal resistance


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